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October 01, 2005



david ashfield has taken me where i needed to go.... sooooooooooooo many many times on so many videos. He's dreamy.

David Ashfield

The truth laid bare! Joel Higgins reputation is safe, we are two different people. I ran across this and will clear his name. It was all David Ashfield, no silver spoon required.


Looking at 80's classic David Ashfield makes me think of Michael Christopher, my favorite porn hunk. Any news on his background, real name, what he is doing since porn, still alive?


An inviting bulge in a man's pants and straight hair doesn't prove anything. Joel Higgins and David Ashfield don't look like one another, facially.

One question. Did they ever find out who the "Mystery Skier" was in those Falcon films of the '80s? Also, I've heard nothing about whether two of my favorites, Duff Paxton and Sky Dawson, are alive or dead. Anyone know?


OMG I love David. His real first name is 'Guy'.


oops - got that wrong it's Jay.

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