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November 13, 2005



ohmagod!! I remember seeing this dude in a Playgirl magazine back when I was like 15! Don't ask....He was f*ing gorgeous as hell and that damn peter is off the chain right? Love the blog!


mmmm. need I say more?


No, no, no. If we're going back that far then David White - http://blackdogue.porkyhost.com/Playgirl/DavidWhite/DavidWhite.html - is much, MUCH hotter.


Actually, he's working as a stuntman.


Thank you so much for these pics. I couldn't remember his name, but back in high school Steve inspired me to shoplift my first Playgirl ever, and to subsequently jack off in my parent's bathroom. I stared at these pics so much back then that I even noticed that he was hairier on the left side (his left) of his body than the right. And he of course inspired my armpit fetish. Ah memories...

Amazingly, I still considered myself straight even though I slobbered all over these pics. Crazy.

John Martin

I was in my early 20s when Steve was MOM and MOY. I certainly agree that Steve still stands out as the most memorable MOM and MOY to date and he's had some really tough competition for that distinction, in my opinion. I'm glad to hear things are going well with him these days.

Also, like Jerry, I HAD to steal my first issue of PG in 1975. What an imperative that was for a lot of people in those days. PG was only a couple of years old then, and not as easy to come by as it is now. I still have it.

(For the record, Bob Prince (qv) was the centerfold in the issue of PG that I was speaking about.)

Best To All,
John, 45

ps as I recall, Steve Rally was the first centerfold to sport a true erection.

John Martin

pps sorry, I meant to refer to Gregg's post.
(...sorry Jerry, we all know that stealing is wrong...)


Steve Rally was the first Playgirl guy to be shown with a full-blown erection wasn't he? I know I'd never seen one in the mag before him. Man what a hot f'ing guy. Love his look and his fine cock! Thanks for reminding us of his great pics after all these years! I blew my wad more than a few times to that centerfold pic!!!

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