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January 12, 2006


chris evans

Haha. Yeah, Johnny is most DEFINITELY gay. Just go to his official website and see his "Favorites". It's pretty obvious. Just look at the costumes, man.

I love him and all his gayness, though. :D

Hey, I stumbled upon your website trying to figure out whether or not this guy is gay! There is nothing wrong if he is though,he is just so adorable...but I heard he has a real big mouth.

Johnny is quite out-of-the-closet.

i wasn't too aware of johnny weir, only watch skating in the olympic year (duh, since regular tv dropped it any other time and i am too cheap for cable) but saw him in the championship a little and then now for the Torino games. he does ring my 'nelly bell', and it does seem that he is out about it, with the 'princessy and diva' word choices and the wardrobe. bravo for the colorful duds, i was SOO bored with the ALL BLACK funereal cop out choices of some of the other men.
the guy who REALLY set it off even more was BUTTLES (appropriate name) the Canadian who stole johnny's silver medal. he and johnny probably got in a prissy slapfight after the medal ceremony culminated.
seriously, do you think that with the increasing athletic demands of the sport, quad after triple, combination upon combination, that the more nelly skaters are at a disadvantage? seems to me that plushenko just would have a 'toe-up' on them as far as strength and lung power, height and musculature. their being superior artistically doesn't help as much any more or even out. russia is just light years ahead of everyone else, collapse or no collapse. straight guys there aren't afraid of ballet, figure skating, or anything considered 'queer' here.
say, does anybody else think that they should STOP calling it 'FIGURE SKATING'? after all, they were referring to the SCHOOL FIGURES that skaters used to have to do before the other showdowns, right? do any of these guys and gals of today even KNOW how to do a figure eight anymore? skaters of 10 and more years ago will forever be above the ones now since they don't have to master those, just jump after jump after jump .......

ok i think he is gay but for the recrd i think hes sexy as hell....he may be fruity but u noe that ok....plus hes a great skater...his quad is alot better the evan lysacek's and his triple axels are extraordinary.....plus he started skating just 10 years ago...thats hard to start when your twelve most start when there 7 or 8......further more his programs are actually intresting he noes how to put emotions in it....alll the techinical stuff is in it to.......unlike the guy that took the gold this olympics who did all jump first during his free skate, weir di all his jump throughout the program.

jon b

i love johnny weir as much as the next guy, but you should (1) know that his myspace profile, according to gawker, claims he is "bisexual" (ha) and (2) camille is probably from camille st-saens, the (male) composer of his program music, the swan. just some food for thought. but not as tasty as johnny. or evan!

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Yep. He reads Vogue and loves Sex and the City. He's one of my favorite skaters though.

he's defintiveley gay and that's so sad for girls coz he's such a cutie :p

How about just calling him,"Johnny Weir-d? He's the strangest male skater I've ever seen. Even Galindo admitted he was gay. This child doesn't call a spade, a spade. He needs to grow up and not act like such a primadonna.

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