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January 20, 2006



Holy Shit!!! I never watched that show...now I wish I had.


Lordy! Is it an intentional exhibition? And does he wear jeans? The trousers would have to be of a soft cloth. I can say from personal experience that carharts are not the most forgiving of fabrics should you try to step up too high... makes me wince just remembering!


They would never get away with that nowadays. Sad. Did people really walk around like that in the 70's?


I met him in '98 at the Playboy Mansion. He's a major stud in person. "Hunter" is from the '80's, not the 1970's.


Fred Dryer.. yum... I recall watching Hunter 20yrs ago and each week, I knew I'd get a treat seeing that bulge in jeans. It was WAAY obvious. But I often wonder, is he 'really' showing off for the ladies. Yeah, he's always at the Playboy mansion. Who doesn't know that. The man practically lives there as all superstars say the same thing 'I met him at.." (yeah, we already know.. the mansion). That could be a cover!

But seriously, all that bulge promotion, and him being an ex NFL player being oh so close and around all male teammates tells me that he just ain't doing that for the ladies! Would love to hear true stories from the camera men of Hunter.


I remember watching Hunter and I had a crush on Fred Dryer. Later in life when I became fascinated with visible penis lines, i remembered him. i even searched the internet for pics of him in his jeans. These shots are great... would love to see meore of him.


That is the greatest torn jeans bulge i ever seen ! Any 1 can pls tell me which seasons fred dryer wear these torn jeans showing bulge ??

Pete Towery

I've not only met Fred Dryer, but I've also licked his forskin and deep throated his cock and balls, too. While Fred does haunt the Playboy mansion, he and his ex-Playboy centerfold wife, were pretty kinky and also posed in Hustler. I blew him while his wife watched and ate out one of her bunny friends at a friends house in the Hollywood hills in the 1990's. Fuck was that a treat cock. He's now 66 years young and still a humpy dude...Divorced and single, but still quite a player for both teams!

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