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March 20, 2006



FWIW Linda Eder's version is depressing. It is decidely too too much to listen to over and over and over (unless your into inner angst and pain).

Momma Cass on the other hand may just be my anthem as well. It's soo fun, and who can't love those lyrics.


Love Momma Cass, but the song is too dated. I'm voting for Linda's Over The Rainbow. It's beautiful.


cass = good gay
l'eder = scary gay

but the choice is yours.
and please do keep us posted on any unforeseen side-effects...


I was *just* singing Make Your Own Kind of Music in the shower this morning. If that's not a ringing endorsement for Over the Rainbow, I don't know what is.


you can never go wrong with momma cass or hoagie sandwhiches

mama cass all the way. That song has recently been on lost. Great song

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