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July 24, 2006


Gary Green

She did have that dress on - the thing with the poof on the bottom? I don't know where you got the pic in the red dress. The poofy thing was hideous. She looked like a Skipper doll (i.e. trying to look like a Barbie but failing miserably!)


She did indeed wear the Project Runway dress in the evening gown competition.
(that was the gayest sentence I ever wrote)


I somehow feel better that you didn't actually watch the pageant. But I do love that you were perusing the Miss Universe website for pictures of the dress! ;)


I'm so ridiculous. I could care less about the Miss Universe pageant but Tivo'd it so I could ffwd and see if she wore the Project Runway dress. I need a hobby.


You know, your title bar sorta looks like an abstract of that gown. Kayne? is it you? Robert?

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