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July 30, 2006


el chile grande

The first one looks just like Kelly Rippa


Is it just me or did they make the hispanic kid (zebra) look less hispanic?

and the blue leopardy kid look like more like Rosie O'Donald?

you didn't mention the beautiful orthodontistry that photoshop provides


this site is silly, retouching a photo dosent mean your child isnt good enough, it just enhances their beauty!! get over yourself


What the? ENHANCES their beauty???!! They fricking REPLACED her eyes, mouth and teeth!! That is messed up!!! Removing a freckle is one thing - making your kid look like a chuckie doll is another. They all look like freakish possessed dolls from a Hitchcock movie.


holy CRAP thats scary


Photos like these are done for pageants. These pictures are minor compared to what I have seen in the pageant world. Unfortunatly everybody uses them and if you want your child to do good...you have to use them too.


I'm sorry, but if an adult wants to do whatever to be in a pageant, that's FINE! But to a little girl, to a baby, replacing parts of their face in a picture because they're not good enough is completely messed up and wrong and if that's what it takes to "win", I don't think they should be in that time of game. Let your kids play toys and climb trees and stop living vicariously through them. Children are not a hobby!

anyone good at photoshop? my idea was to take a picture of my ass and photoshop it until it's "enhanced" enough to enter as a pageant child's headshot.

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