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December 14, 2006


J.R. T.

Im Gay and I think Mike Rowe is the Greatest WOW!!!!WOOF!!!! THANKYOU for a fantasy!!!


Check the URL here's the best pic I've found. I am not gay (and I'm a chic) but I think hes yummers!!!


Tell us this guys real name who posed as mike rowe!

Momma V

PLEASE!!!!!!! Tell me Mike is not gay. I think he is the biggest, sexiest hunk around. I love his show and he's so fine to look at!!!!!


Mike lives here in S.F. and I've seen him several times. He's never been with a "woman" when I saw him, and he's listed as "single" on all the biographies I've read.

So, let's add up the points:
1. Lives in San Francisco.
2. 45 years old.
3. Single
4. Extremely hot, daddy type.

Oh yeah...straight as an arrow.

Hi There


5. He knows how to play the piano
6. He can sing really good, like Broadway


Look on the Dirty Job site. he's straight and has a girlfriend they call Sweetie by the Bay. She doesn't want to be known. He featured her in one video with dirty laundry covering her face. sorry guys you can't have all the hunky men.


The reason her face was covered with dirty laundry is 'cause she's a he baby!


There's been stories from a pretty reliable source that he's been seen around L.A. with a very good looking male model. More then one sighting and they looked to really be into each other. I know it's not fact until he says so or there is a real pic but the source I got the info from is usually reliable.

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