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April 19, 2007



I'm sorry... I can't get past that sofa.

not a chance - hexum had magnetic eyes

Jim in SF

Jon had been a true jock prior to his acting career. Who doesn't want to see Jon naked but he had a bod long before the TV shows.

if I can get fucked with that


Umm, well lets see. Johns eyes are blue and that hick on the couches eyes are brown. John is dead by like what, 20 years? Also, I hate to say it but i don't think Johns dick was as big.


OMg I love his cock

Bob Cummings

A really cheap way to get people to click on the link, dude. You could have said it was Bill Cosby and gotten more people to believe it! That dude on the couch was a model for one of the earliest "reality" based photo sets, originally called "The Hung Jury." It was in the late 70s - early 80s, and I used to have several of their magazines. Hexum deserves better than having his memory smeared by comparing him to this trailer trash.


I agree that the eyes don't match....although I'd like to imagine that his dick was exactly like that.....yum!

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