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May 31, 2007


Rabbi Mike

Hey man, you think that's crazy? . . . how's this for crazy?

So they took the relentlessly weird-bad-but-lovable film and made it a musical . . . that would be XANADU . . . and I went to see it on Broadway tonight . . . and it was sillier that the weird-bad-serious movie but still fun . . . and my Hebrew School principal who kicked me out of the 5th grade was there, and boy was he surprised I'm a rabbi . . . and what straight man is seeing f-ing Xanadu on B'way anyway? . . . and during the show I decided I was in lust with one of the dancer/singers . . . and against my better judgement, waited for him after the show at the urging of a friend . . . and met him, and asked him for his phone number . . . and he actually (!) gave it to me? (!) Hot what? (!!!)

I think that beats the banana thing by a shtetl mile . . . maybe I should start my own blog?

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