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June 21, 2007


catty bitch

Chicago, Illinois; Hooker.

Great town. And hooking is on your own schedule with the bonus of a special look into the human condition. You've already got the heart of gold covered. If that doesn't appeal, then we have lots of offices here.


Austin, Texas.

Greatest most open minded city on earth with amazingly hot men, and awesome everything else. You will fall in love


Santa Fe, NM; masseur (or spa worker)

Lots of sunshine (unlike Seattle, from what I recall). Plenty of uber-rich people in need of rubdowns and facials. But it's hard to sell your art unless it has lots of turquoise, silver, dreamcatchers, and magic spirit horses with wings.

Rabbi Mike

Oh Jeez, is this rocket science? Gay, literate, jaded, ambivalent, romantic, artistic, neurotic, oversexed Jew? New York was INVENTED for you, bubbeleh! When it was suggested they put us all on an island, someone said, "Yeah -- Manhattan Island!"

I read it in a medical journal. Really.


Hmmmm let's see:

Brooklyn: Airport employee


New York is the place for you. It is a bit close to CT, but I think you'll agree it's quite different.

I always say that people like us shouldn't have to work, so that should free you up for making non-commercial art.

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