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August 19, 2007


Rabbi Mike

Hey Grand Wizard: Could these guys be any whiter?

Its like the Republican Presidential Debate of porn.


For some reason, "red-eye" reminds me of the long and lean Liev Schreiber in that movie in which he's only "wearing" a telephone!

Terific photos as of late!


to rabbi mike: i know you e-mailed me privately, separate from your above comment, and i've replied to you privately, however i will only respond here to the comment. if you looked at my whole blog, you'd see my blog pics and videos are not in fact all white men (and not all nudie shots anyway), but even if they were, fact is i post what i want, when i want and don't apologize for it. my blog is a personal expression that i'm proud of. i don't expect in retrospect you're proud of your personal expression of implying i'm a kkk member. and yes "grand wizard" is a kkk term and possibly one of the most offensive things for a jew to call another jew, and yes i'm a jew even though i'm not a full-on rabbi. if you want different representation online, i suggest you create your own blog and post whatever you want. i'm sure the men of color whose pics you post will feel highly liberated and appreciative that you are jacking off to their images. until such time, i might suggest you work on the barrack obama presidential campaign, until the genuinely racist mainstream media destroys him, as that work should have more benefit to society than either you or i posting sexually explicit images of men of color.

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