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December 13, 2007



I agree with you 100%. Saleisha's win totally upset me, almost to the point where I don't want to tune in next season. But, I am too fucking addicted to this show to NOT tune in, so I know I will anyways. The fact alone that she was able to participate even though she was in Tyra's camp, and Tyra said in the first couple episodes "I'm going to be harder on you" (and wasn't even hard on her at all) really pissed me off. She should have been gone after she was a dead ass tulip in the flower shoot.
I still don't really know WHY Chantal made it to the final two, but I would have rather had her win than Saleisha.

Buuut, Jenah should have won. Hands down. In fact, I expected her to win after the first 10 episodes. In my gut though, I had a feeling that the usual "consistent model who took fabulous pictures" would somehow be eliminated at the end for a really shady reason (like Elyse, Renee, etc.)

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