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December 25, 2007


Mikey Garcia

Wow... That was disturbingly amazing. However, I can relate to your self-protectiveness. Most of my friends mock me for being, what they call, "too picky".

Anyhow, good luck in love in the future.

- Mike


Cut him loose. Even if he's totally rehabbed, and really was just flirting with you because he liked you. Now, since you've learned what you've learned, you'll never know for sure. There's no one "Mr. Right," anyway, as Jane Curtain told her pouty daughter on "Kate & Allie." She said, there are many men you can have a "right relationship" with.

Don't you believe Jane?



Thank goodness for (the much maligned practice of) googling.


Whoa, totally upsetting, I found the guy and he's really cute, really tall, but what a shame. Down-tempo music's not my thing but he makes for a cute Chun-Li.

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