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March 25, 2010



What? You're using some Illuminati Conspiracy approach to determine that Raven will be 2nd, and Tyra 1st? Agree on Trya being up there (bitch got talent, she just needs to get beyond Beyonce) - but as for the rest -- ohhh noooo! Raven's basically Amanda Lepore minus personality (and that's not saying much right there). and then Tatianna drops in at 3??? What about Pandora and Jujubee? They're clearly the ones with brains (they do lack the bitchy alpha factor though, so sadly you might be right)... But Raven and Tatianna? Oh no - This prophecy must not come true!!! Quick, break the secret sisterhood of drag amulet and destroy all drag-first borns so this does not come to pass!!!


LOL. But what's creepy is if you look at the chart again, the numbers represent the order of elimination, so by this rule, the top 5 are:

1. Tyra - WINNER
2. Raven
3. Jujubee
4. Tatianna
5. Pandora

Agreed Raven should not be top 3. Not after she disrespected Pandora about her outfit. Hello, CAMP! Heard of it?

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